Book Report--Small White Scar

Topics: Cowboy, Mental retardation, Ranch Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Title of Book: A Small White Scar

Author’s name: K.A. Nuzum

Number of pages: 192

The exposition of the book introduces us to the main characters of the book, fifteen year olds Will and Denny Bennon. The setting of the book is in Colorado by a town called La Junta during the 1940’s. Will and Denny live on a cattle ranch with their father. Their mother accidentally drown when they were little. The rising action of the story is when Will decides he wants to be a man instead of a nurse maid to his twin brother who has Downs Syndrome. Will believes this can only happen if he runs away and gets hired on by another ranch. He sneaks out of the house one morning and rides away on his horse. His plans are to compete in a rodeo in La Junta and then be offered a job by one of the ranches. His brother Denny follows him. Will tries several times to make him go back home but he insists on following. Will gives in and lets him come but plans to call his father after the rodeo. The climax is when he competes at the rodeo. He gets injured by a bull. He is tied for first place and must have a rope off with another cowboy. He tries but his injuries cause him to black out. He wakes up to find his father leaning over the bed. The falling action is when his father tells him what his winnings are and then asks him to come back to the ranch. Denny is going to stay and work for Doc Sidder, a friend of his fathers. Will will not have to be Denny’s nurse maid anymore. The resolution of the story is Will being able to work alongside his father as a man.

The setting of the book is in the 1940’s on a cattle ranch near La Junta, Colorado. It is during a summer draught, the water holes for the cattle are quickly drying up and they are running out of grass for the cattle.

The main character was Will Bennon. He is fifteen years old and has a twin brother, Denny. Will takes care of Denny because their mother accidentally drown when they were little. Will’s father owns a cattle...
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