Book Report: Road Trip

Topics: God, Islam, Christianity Pages: 6 (1961 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Book Report
Torres, Christian Jurmhel B.

I. Basic information
Title: Road Trip
Author: Ru Dela Torre
Place of Publication: 776 Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong city, Metro Manila Publisher: OMF Literature Inc.
Number of Pages: 120 pages
ISBN: 978-971-009-003-7

II. Theme
The book is basically all about having God in your life. The book determines how great is our God, what would our life be with God on our side, what would happen if we let God control our life, what is christian life, how to live a christian life, how to overcome problems, how to overcome temptations and how to trust God.

The book is dedicated for me, you, and all of us. Preferably, this book is for teenagers, as I’ve read the book, the use of words, the structure of the sentences, and the concepts are for teen-agers. It can be assumed that the author chose these methods to catch the attention of the teenagers. Technically this is for teenagers; however, the author stated that “This book is dedicated to you. I have been praying for you even before I started writing this book. Here I am, wishing that you find where you need to be in life’s journey” (Dela Torre, 2009). This statement would prove that this book is suitable for all ages since the author wanted everyone to read his work for them to experience God. This book is literally made for all of us.

Every Christian’s burden is to introduce God to the unbelievers and to save their souls through Jesus Christ. This is the author’s purpose of writing this book, to bring hope for the people, to bring happiness to the people and to give Jesus to them. The author desires every reader to accept Jesus Christ in their life through this book for them to have a better life and for them to be saved from all their sins. There are three major matters that author wanted to pin point. First, teaching Christians and the New Christians how to live a God-Centered life; to let God be in the “Driver seat” of their life by letting God be in full control of their lives. This can only be done by accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior and by repenting from all your sins; everything will follow after receiving Jesus. Second is, overcoming trials and temptations. There are no doubts that problems and temptations will occur so often when you become a Christian, this is because the enemy wanted to take us away from God. Though the enemy is persistent from his temptations and lies, God is still more powerful, way more powerful than Satan. This is the reason why we should cling and trust more to Jesus in times of trial for this will make us stronger Christians. And lastly, trusting God in everything. As Christians, we should trust God in our everyday lives, we should trust him in his timing, and we should trust him in times of trials and pain. We should trust God on each step we make as we draw closer to Him.

III. Chapters
Intro: Ready for road trip? - This chapter describes a typical teenage life. Having all the means, all the gadgets, all the technology to make things simpler, easier, entertaining and especially fun and yet they find their lives boring and unproductive. This is what most teenager life is; having everything they could ask for and yet they are incapable of noticing it until they realize that it’s gone.

Chapter 1 (Out of the Driver’s seat) – Having everything won’t make us complete. Even the richest man in the world would still feel empty and blue even if he could have everything. Ever wondered why? The chapter shows that life without God is nothing and money can’t buy everything.

Chapter 2 (Need Directions?) – God knows best, life with God means giving up everything to God and allowing Him to take control of your life. What the author wanted to point out is, God’s plan for us is better than ours, we should trust God in his plans for He will let us prosper and grow. What God is asking for us is to have faith in him; put Him first in everything we do, and glorify him in every step we take....
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