Book Report on the Boy in the Striped Pajamas

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  • Published : February 2, 2011
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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

The title of the book is The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and the author is John Boyne. The genre is Fictional History and the setting is in Berlin in a big house and in a house in Poland near a Concentration Camp. This book is about a boy that is called Bruno. His father works for the Fury (Hitler) and gets promoted to General and has to go to Poland to work at a Concentration Camp. Bruno doesn’t know anything about the camps or the Jewish, so he thinks it is about his father work which he thinks is a normal job. The main character of the story is Bruno and Shmuel his friend. The conflict is that Bruno doesn’t know anything about the Nazis or Jews. He doesn’t even know what the people are doing in the other side of the fence. The conflict is Man VS. Himself.

The rising action starts when Bruno meets Shmuel because it is then that Bruno starts to understand more about the camps, So Bruno meets Shmuel and they start meeting most of the days and talk. Then one day Bruno sees Shmuel in his house because Sergeant Kotler took him there to clean the dishes. There Bruno gives Shmuel some leftover chicken but Shmuel says no because he can stay in the trouble. Bruno insists so Shmuel ends up eating. Then Sergeant Kotler sees Shmuel eating the chicken and calls him a thief. Shmuel says it was Bruno that gave him the chicken but Bruno stays scared and denies it. The next day’s Bruno see Shmuel so he thinks Sergeant Kotler killed him but he then finds him next to the barbed wire fence. Shmuel says that he can’t find his father and needs Bruno’s help but Bruno says he can’t go to the other side. One day Bruno’s father tells Bruno that he is going back to Berlin. Before Bruno was very mad that he had to leave his friends back and go to this house that was 2 times smaller than his old one and it was in the middle of nowhere, But now that he had met Shmuel he didn’t want to leave. His last day at Out-with Bruno goes say good-bye to Shmuel...
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