Book Report of the Secret Life of Walter Mitty

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Short Story Report of the Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Young people like to fancy such a beautiful and romantic love story when the one he or she loves cannot feel the same way as they feel in reality. He or she may have a wonderful date going to a cinema or eating outside. Then their relationship keep going and they became intimate friends. That is based on the ideal situation that one will imagine which is totally contradicted from the real world. Everyone wants to be success and respectful both on the business and their social life, but the realities are hard to tally with their expectation. The short story written by James Thurber called the Secret Life of Walter Mitty introduced us a kind of life leading by everyone. James Thurber (December 8, 1894 – November 2, 1961) was an America author, cartoonist and celebrated wit. He was best known by his cartoon and short stories. (Source: Wikipedia, James Thurber, May 16, 2013) The theme of this fiction story is mainly about Mr. Walter escaping the failed real life and going in to his secret successful world of imagination. We all can be the heroes of this short story because no one refuses to build the perfect self-image in their own mind. At the beginning of the story, Mr. Walter as a Commander lead his Navy escaping from a storm. He is respectful by his crew. They thought he is the man who afraid of nothing. When the ship is moving forward on the ocean at full speed, a complaining by her wife that he is driving to fast interrupted his dream. Her wife asks him to buy some overshoes. On the road to the Waterbury, a cop asks him to wear the gloves. Next start the second story when he is passing the hospital. This time, he is a brilliant surgeon who deals with all kinds of emergencies during the operation. This daydream ended up with the shouting by the parking-lot attendant, because he jam the road. The attendant help Mr. Walter put his car in the right side...
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