Book Report for a Child Called It

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  • Published : February 15, 2012
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Jasmine Irizarry
Sunday, February 05, 2012

Bloom’s Book Report
A Child Called “It”

By: Dave Pelzer

153 pages

KNOWLDEGE (5 pts. each, 1-3 sentences, approximately)

1. Name the characters in the story and label which were the most important.

The main characters were a little boy in fifth grade named David who was a child that was abused since he was in about second grade. In the end of the story he’s in 5th grade and that wasn’t nearly the end of his abuse. There is also his abusive mother and his father that was rarely home. The mother and father weren’t named in the story because it was first person point of view so they were called “mom and dad”. Some of the minor characters were his teachers, his siblings, a police officer, and etc.

3. When and where did the story take place?

This story started to take place on March 5, 1973 in Dale City, California. It further continued on as the main character gets older.

COMPREHENSION (10 pts. each, 3-5 sentences approx.)

5. Explain what the main conflict or problem was in the story.

There’s a little boy named David that gets beaten daily. His father is a fireman so he’s always gone. David’s mother had two other sons and treats them good. Then there’s David. The mother treats him like nothing. She rarely ever feeds him and she beats him for whatever he does wrong. She beats him for trying to feed himself because she starvs him. He has to sleep out in the garage every night. His mother finds new ways to torture her son and even calls him by “the boy” or it. Her beatings and abuse have gotten out of control and David is at risk of life or death.

6. Predict what would happen next if there had been one more chapter. Be realistic.

Well, at the end of this story, the father moves out of the house. He’s the little hope that David had in surviving. After dropping David’s father off, his mother turns back to David looks at him and sneers, “You’re all mine now. Too bad your father’s...
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