Book Report for Rifleman Dodd

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Name: Smith, StephenGrade: LCpl Date: Section: .

Book Title: Rifleman Dodd Author: C.S. Forester

Why I chose this book:
Originally this book was given to me by on of my combat instructors in Marine Combat Training(MCT). I wanted to read it but soon found it impossible due to certain time constraints. I lost the book during the transition from M.O.S. school to my current residence. Just recently, I obtained another copy of this book from a fellow Marine who currently works in the same shop.

Give a brief description about this book:
“Rifleman Dodd” is a novel written on the account of a certain British foot soldier of the “Ninety-Fifth Foot” named Matthew Dodd who encounters impossible odds and extremely difficult challenges during the Peninsular War which took place around 1810. This story combines historical fact and adds a personal touch by incorporating fictional characters in order to captivate its audience. The story begins by introducing the main character, Private Dodd, along with a squad of French soldiers lead by a sergeant named Godinot of the French Forty-Sixth. At this time Lord Wellington of the British Army was retreating to the Lines of Torres Vedras. Rifleman Private Dodd was left behind during the retreat and once he knew this he simply realized his situation and, most importantly, carried on with his mission which was solely to kill “Frenchmen”. Along his treacherous journey through enemy infested territory he encounters skirmish after skirmish, constantly struggling to survive while battling starvation and fatigue. He meets a young Portuguese soldier who assists him and becomes his guide and translator with his ability to speak the language of the Portuguese rebels. While in the town of Santarem, Dodd managed to lay siege to a French, horse-driven convoy using guerrilla warfare-like tactics. Dodd also sabotaged the French city, Santarem, where the French were...
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