Book Report: Ender's Shadow

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  • Published : January 31, 2013
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Bean- Main Character, Protaganist: A homeless boy on the streets of Rotterdam that uses his intelligence to keep him alive, and eventually earn him a spot on the ranks of Battle School. Andrew “Ender” Wiggin- Another boy recruited to Battle School, a lot like bean, small, and extremely smart. Is Beans mentor and example as he goes through Battle School. Poke: A nine year old girl, that also lives on streets of Rotterdam. Takes Bean into her family and gives him a chance. She is one of the main reasons for Beans survival. Sergeant; Pokes right hand man. He is eight years old. He knows Achilles killed Poke but doesn’t tell anyone and then sides with Achilles. Achilles: A bully of Rotterdam, has a bad leg, is jumped and forced to join Pokes family for protection. It was Beans plan that got Achilles into the family. Helga: An advisor in the kitchen of Rotterdam, supervises the lines outside. When Achilles brings his family to the kitchen she has compassion and immediately lets them to the front of the line. She changes the rules so that any older child that has and cares for younger children will always eat first. Nikolai Delphiki: Enders twin brother, he helps Enders in Battle School and is one of the few people he can trust. Sister Carlotta: is the woman who recruited Bean to Battle School and saw his intelligence and recognized it. Petra Arkanian: takes Bean under her wing when he is first assigned to Salamander Army, while Bonzo, the commander, refuses to teach him anything. Bonzo Madrid: Bonzo is an enemy of Enders.

Colonel Graff: the head advisor of Battle School. Islolates Bean to make him learn to survive and strengthen him. Dimak:The man who questions Bean when he first gets on the shuttle, lets everyone know he is smarter than them. Mexican Janitor: Finds Bean in the Toilet in the orphanage. Dr. Volescu: Beans father

This story starts out with Bean at age 7 attempting to survive on the streets of Rotterdam. He is very small for his age but extremely smart. There are a lot of little groups of homeless children on the streets of Rotterdam that stick together and help each other out, because there is strength in numbers and it increases their chances of survival. He isn’t part of any of these groups he only finds food by what he scavenges out of garbage cans. “In the streets of Rotterdam food was hard to come by, my only source of food came from what I could find in the garbage cans (Card 8)” But one day he goes up to poke and tells her he has a plan to help her survive. At first she pushes him away and threatens to kill him, but as she listens to his plan of recruiting a bully for protection she finds that she likes the idea. “You got to get your own bully (Card 18).” “If I get me a Bully, if what you said works, then maybe I feed you(Card 19).” So Bean makes the plan that they need to jump one of the bullies that are still strong and dominant but can still be taken down and controlled. So they decide that Achilles is perfect for the job. “If he doesn’t comply then we kill him (Card 19)” When Achilles walks down a alley way all of the kids jump on him and pound him with rocks until he is only holding to life by a thread. They tell him they will let him live if he joins their family and protects them. “You get us to the front of the line at the Kitchen(Card 20)?” “Sure, Right, I will, I promise(Card 20).” “Don’t believe him, Kill Him(Card 20)!” “Don’t be stupid, said Poke, He’s in(Card 20).” “If you don’t kill him now he is going to kill you.(Card 20).” Achilles gets them into the Kitchen like he promised and he slowly starts to take over Pokes position as leader. Soon enough he has all of the kids calling him “papa.” “It’s your crew not mine, This is more of a Crew to me this is my Family(Card 23).” “Bean saw at once Achilles had won. Powerful bully, and he had called these kids his sisters, his brothers. Bean could see the hunger, the deep hunger, for family, for love, for belonging. They got a little of...
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