Book Report: Camp Rock Stage Fright

Topics: English-language films, Camp Rock, Disney Channel Pages: 3 (1078 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Book Report

Camp Rock: Stage Fright
By: N. B. Grace

Camp Rock: Stage Fright

I. Summary:
It is a well-known fact at Camp Rock that the director, Brown Cesario, loves to tell stories about famous rockers he knows and about his days on road. But what is not a well-known is that Brown can tell a mean ghost story, and because of that, Camp Rock has an annual Scary Story Bonfire. Everyone is allowed to tell their own story. Rockers were too excited for the bonfire; they cannot wait until midnight so they convinced Brown to spill his story during lunch. By the time all the campers had arrived to the campfire; grabbed some snacks and found sits, the lights had disappeared leaving them with a big bonfire while the stars were twinkling at the night sky. Brown started the tradition by saying some introduction. He let Barron James to take over and tell them the first story of the night. It was terrifying until someone scared Tess, and they all laughed because Tess screamed so loud, and fell backward off her log. The next one is Tess Tyler. She told them her “scary” story that was about her doing the chores. That was scary for her. Andy was the next one and he did it with some twist. He tells his story with rhythm using bongo drums. It was pretty cool. Then the last storyteller was the master storyteller as they call him. Shane Gray was the last one to tell story because he always tell them an awesome yet inspiring spooky story. He used different story for this bonfire and was dedicated to someone, Mitchie. Mitchie Torres was having trouble finding her music. She had been working on a song all week but she cannot finish it. When she writes one verse, she will just get stuck after it. Every line she had written seemed forced. Every note she tried sounded false. Shane knew that she was having a trouble. He knew that some people were saying things about Mitchie being close to him. They said that she only uses him for popularity and he knows that it was not the...
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