Book Report – Atlas Shrugged

Topics: Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, John Galt Pages: 3 (950 words) Published: February 27, 2012
Book Report – Atlas Shrugged
Yu Wang
Atlas Shrugged is a great novel. Ayn Rand presents a lot of ideas; egotism that people live for their own needs, industrialism that government should not disturb the economics and hinder the innovation, and objectivism that reason relies on fact and so on. There are too many points worthily discussed. At here I want to talk about the counterparty, hero and looters, in the novel which are related to the Tulipomania. In the book there are two kinds of people, Dagny Taggart John Galt and industrialist, who are objectivism, hero of the world, bold and responsible, thinking based on the fact. On the contrary, James Taggart and government are weak, fear to take responsibility, and rely on their judgment not fact. I think there are some common among these people between Atlas Shrugged and Tulipomania. In Atlas Shrugged, the looters like James Taggart are much like the tulip dealers and trader. At the beginning, Taggart Company needs to repair the railroad. At first James Taggart wants to use the old metal instead of the new more reliable metal. Because he thinks the company had a long relationship with the old metal provider. He does not have rational judgment, just thinking that public is right and no reasoning. His sister Dagny, however, points out the Rearden’s metal is good choice for the line. She think based on the fact and knowledge that she knows the new metal is reliable and better. She knows the Rearden company’s metal is the best choice, regardless of opinion of government scientific institution who is controlled by politic not scientist. I think a lots of Tulip dealers and traders share common with James Taggart for irrational aspect. The Tulip dealers are irrational. They crazy traded for tulips just because trading could make money and the price of tulip continued to go up. However they did not know the true value of most tulips. They did not think why the price of tulips bulb go high. They just decided to trade on...
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