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Topics: Cat, Theobromine poisoning, Predation Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Student’s Name: Khamille Ann A. Linsag Yr and Section: IV-Hope Book Report No.: 1 Date: September 11, 2012 Title of the Book: Three Men in a Boat

Name of Author: Jerome K. Jerome
Setting: Kingston to Oxford
Main Characters:
1. George
2. Harris
3. J.
4. Montmorency
Best-liked Character and Why:
In the story, I like Tom the best. He is a cat whom Montmorency chased. Because of what he did to Montmorency, he doesn’t want to hear a word “cat” anymore. His character gave me a lesson – It doesn’t matter how small you are, what matters most is on how you can change the bigger and proud ones to respect you.

The three men decided that they need a change. They decided to go on a boat experience. After deciding what to do for a change, they brainstormed for some of the things they must do. First, they decided where to sleep. George and J. decided to sleep outdoors and got excited about the idea, but, Harris being practical disagreed to the idea and said that what if it rains. So they decided to sleep in an inn. Next, they considered the food. They had all agreed not to bring an oil stove and cheese for some reasons. George arranged the menu for their breakfast, lunch and dinner. Harris felt dismay when he knew that there will be no tea-time for breakfast. But later on, George agreed to have tea-time in the evening.

Most Interesting Part of the Story:
For me, the most interesting part of the story was when Montmorency, J.’s dog, chased after a large black cat named Tom with a disreputable-look. It gave me such interest because of its humor. When Tom was being chased by Montmorency, Tom didn’t hurry up instead, he walked quietly as if no one is after him. J., who witnessed the incident, saw Tom looking at Montmorency from afar with a cold look. Instead of getting closer to Tom,...
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