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A Different Way to Live
As one of the most talked about and well known coaches of the past two decades, Tony Dungy showed the sports world a different way to lead. Rather than using intimidation and threats, Tony Dungy led through determination and a “quiet strength.” He is a man who knew that his occupation, a coach in the National Football League, was not what defined his life’s value. Rather, Dungy knew that with his title came a platform from which he could spread his ideals on how to live a life of what he considered true success: following the will of God to His pleasing. Through his life, Dungy was a testament of how to live graciously, compassionately, and still achieve greatness. Through this self -told story of his life, Quiet Strength, Tony Dungy proclaims the correct way to live, emphasizing faith, family, and morality above material priorities while always trusting in the plan of God.

Throughout the book, Tony Dungy insinuates many claims which always are backed up with evidence from his real life experiences. Through these accounts, he attempts to build upon his credibility. One of the first claims, which would be supported throughout the book, was that good things come to those who stay faithful to God’s plan. The introduction to the book alluded to the adversity that Dungy would face throughout his life and career. In this short prelude, he speaks about his last experience as he packed up and left the Tampa Bay Buc caneers after being fired. Dungy had put everything into his coaching opportunity and was on the verge of success when he was fired. The team that he had spent five years training would actually go on to win the Super Bowl the very next year. However, instead of acting with pity or disgust, as he left the

Buccaneers headquarters for the last time, the only thing on his mind was God’s will. Dungy simply stated that “it was obvious to me that God has something else for [me], or He wouldn’t have closed off what we were doing with...
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