Book Evaluation Junie B Jones

Topics: Junie B. Jones, Character, First grade Pages: 3 (1243 words) Published: March 21, 2011
Book Evaluation
An easy chapter book like a picture book is a category of children’s books. Categorizing children’s books makes it easier for parents and educators to choose age-appropriate reading material for children. The stories are short in length and they are simple. In Barbara Park’s story June B. “Jones First Grader at Last”, she asserts that all children go through similar difficulties when making and losing friends. Parks supports her claims about children’s habits by having the reader jump into the life of the first grader known as Junie B. Jones. Another similar story that takes place in the life of a child is a story called “The Case of Hermie the Missing Hamster” by James Preller. The main character whose name is Theodore Jones is challenged to solve a mystery for a friend. Both chapter books are fun and age appropriate for children who are at the ages of seven to nine. They each have a unique theme, a main character and a plot. Literary responses that take place throughout the novels are emotional and interpretive. The reader has a sense of what each character is feeling. Each book gives the opportunity for children to predict and analyze events in the story. Each novel focuses on a certain theme. The main idea is very similar because the point of view is coming from the first person. In other words the reader is inside the character’s mind and is able to understand their perspective. Junie B. Jones is a young girl who’s starting the first grade. She loses friends from kindergarten but is learning how to make new friends. Just as everything is going her way, she finds out she needs glasses. Everyday is a battle for June B. Jones. She never knows what to expect and is constantly wondering what the other children might think. The story has a primary theme and is explicit. The main character expresses exactly how she feels. She lets the reader know what is going on. In “The Case of Hermie the Missing Hamster”, Theodore Jones is known as the best...
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