Book Critique a Piece of My Heart

Topics: Vietnam War, Cold War, South Vietnam Pages: 3 (896 words) Published: March 17, 2013
The book “A Piece of my Heart” by Keith Walker is a compilation of twenty-six stories told by the Women who served in Vietnam. Each woman has their own story and memories that they tell to give the reader an appreciation for all of the women that served alongside the men. These women all show us the reasoning behind why they served, their experiences in Vietnam, and their life following the war.

Whether these women were nurses, activity planners, or “doughnut dollies” (women who were reminders of what was waiting back home, meant to motivate the troops) they all experienced surprisingly similar experiences. These women all had their share of danger, sexual harassment , and loneliness while in Vietnam. They even tell the story of when they come home. About how they had extremely hard times readjusting to their old lives. These are the stories told by these twenty-six women.

“A piece of my Heart” is centered around the Vietnam War, a war where the United States was fighting with South Vietnam against North Vietnam and its communistic allies. The United States became involved because they feared a communistic takeover of South Vietnam. To have this happen would go against their larger strategy of containment (a United States policy to try and prevent the spread of communism abroad). This war was also a part of the Cold War and was hugely meant to stop communism spread that would strengthen the Soviet Union.

Geographically these stories take place on the Vietnamese warfront and mostly United States bases on the warfront. In Vietnam there is a very humid climate and there is dense forest and many kinds of plants and animals that many Americans are not used to.

The Historical time period that “A Piece of my Heart” deals with is the time period of the Vietnam War. It goes from when ground forces started entering Vietnam in 1965 to when America withdrew with the Paris Peace Accords of 1973.

The Author of “A Piece of my Heart” is Keith Walker, a College...
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