Book Critique on Sharing Jesus Without Fear

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  • Published: December 31, 2011
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Liberty Theological Seminary

Book Critique
Sharing Jesus without Fear

A Paper
Submitted to Dr. Gregory Hammond
In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Course
Contemporary Evangelism
Evan 565

Bibliographical Information
Fay, William and Linda Evans Shepherd, “Sharing Jesus Without Fear”, B&H Publishing Group, Nashville, Tennessee, 1999.

Author Information

William Fay, author of Sharing Jesus without fear, shares his testimony in the beginning of his book. Fay was once president and CEO of a large company. This was not all that he dabbled in as he had ties to illegal activities such as racketeering, bookmaking, gambling, and even ran a house of prostitution. (Fay,1) According to Fay, he felt at this time in his life he had everything that life could offer. The expensive watches, money, multiple marriages, but this trend in his life did not continue. Fay, eventually came to Jesus Christ and went to Denver Seminary, and now is an evangelist that travels throughout the U.S.

Content Summary

Fay states at the very beginning what the purpose of his work. He states that it’s objective is to provide liberty and to build the believer so he can present the Gospel and not fail. (Fay, Preface) The book is broken down into 11 chapters each dealing with aspects when presenting the Gospel. Fay starts with establishing the fact that just because you present the Gospel and someone does not respond it does not mean that you failed. Success when it comes to the Gospel is presenting the Gospel and living out the Gospel. Fay points to the fact that it boils down to obedience. The next couple of chapters, Fay address the issue of not sharing the Gospel and common objections and fears that Christians have when presenting the Gospel. In Chapter 2, the author states that we must repent of the sin of silence. Christians, who never discuss the Gospel, instead talk about unsaved world, but does nothing about it. In this same chapter the author tries to...
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