Book Analysis: A Scandal in Bohemia

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  • Published : November 12, 2011
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“A scandal in Bohemia” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Plot Analysis:

1. The setting is in Bohemia on the 20th of March 1888. Also, Sherlock Holmes office is on Baker Street.

2. The main character is Sherlock Holmes.

3. The two supporting characters are Irene Adler and the hereditary king of Bohemia, Wilhelm Gottsreich Sigismond von Ormsetin.

4. The problem facing Sherlock Holmes was that he had to find the picture of the prince. This photograph was being used by Irene Adler to threaten the soon to be king’s wedding.

5. The first event in the rising action was when the Kinf came to Sherlock Holmes asking for help. Second was when Holmes had come back to his own office. He told Dr. Watson all about how he had been following Irene Adler around, in disguise, and had found she had been with a man as well. Holmes then proceeded to say that before he knew it, he had ended up in a church and was asked by Adler to be a witness to her and the man’s wedding. The last event in the rising action was when Holmes asked Dr. Watson if he could help him with a plan that could possibly get them arrested. After accepting the task, Watson was told that his only job was to not interfere and stand near the open window of Irene Adler’s house. When Holmes was to raise his hand, Dr. Watson was to cry, “fire!”, throw a smoke-rocket into Irene’s living room, and meet Sherlock at the corner of the street.

6. The climax of the story happens at Irene Adler’s house. When Adler first arrived at her street, several men broke out into a fight because they wanted her money. Sherlock Holmes rushed over to seem as if he was going to help the woman but then stopped, yelled, and fell to the ground with “blood” covering his face. As a result of this event, the people who had not been in the fight but had seen it rushed over and carried him into Irene Adler’s home. When they had positioned him on the couch, he had someone open the window. Then, at the right time, he lifted his arm giving Watson the signal. The Doctor threw the small smoke bomb into the house while yelling fire, and ran to their meeting spot. When Sherlock joined him a few minutes later, he filled Watson in on everything. First off, the blood was only red paint. More importantly, he knew exactly where the pictures of Irene and the prince were hidden. He explained, “When a woman thinks that her house is on fire, her instinct is at once to rush to the thing which she values most.” And, “The smoke and shouting was enough to shake nerves of steel. She responded beautifully. The photograph is in a recess behind a sliding panel just above the right bell-pull.”(p.53) What seemed to be a very realistic series of events, turned out to just be part of Holmes whole plan to once again solve a case. 7. The main event that happened in the falling action was when The king, Watson, and Sherlock Holmes went to Irene Adler’s house in search of the photograph and were told by her worker, “My mistress told me that you were likely to call. She left this morning with her husband, by the 5.15 train from Charing Cross, for the Continent.” 8. The conflict was resolved when they were at Irene Adler’s house and went looking for the photograph and found nothing but a letter. The note was written by Irene and it stated that she knew who the man that had been “injured truly was. As a result, she figured out that Holmes had found where the picture was and had then taken it with her and left. Although, she stated she would not threaten the king any longer because she was happy with her husband, but would keep the picture just incase it was needed in the future.

Five pertinent observations about Sherlock Holmes:
• First off, Sherlock Holmes is extremely intelligent. He knows facts that many people do not. When he received a letter from a mysterious person that had the symbols, Eg PGt on the back of it, he asked Watson what he made of it. Dr. Watson stated, “The...
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