Book Analysis: The Stone Boy

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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The Stone Boy
The story is about a boy called Arnold, he is 9 years old. It says in the text “Arnold went into the barn” which makes me think that he has grown up on a farm, he lives there with his parents, and his bigger brother Eugene. Arnold is a normal boy, with an interest in weapons, like many boys have. I’m guessing Arnold sees his brother like quite an idol, because in the beginning of the text, he is so eager for his brother to go pick peas with him (“get up, you said you’d pick peas with me”). It would have meant nothing for him to pick peas, if it was not because it was time with his brother. When Arnold shoots Eugene, I do not know if it actually is on purpose, because it is quite clear that the mother cares a lot more for Eugene than for Arnold. Maybe he is jealous, I know the 3th person narrator says it is by accident, but I still have my doubt. I think the title “The Stone Boy” is a very hard title, if it really is by accident he shoots him. How should he react if he should not toughen up? But if he shoots his brother on purpose, maybe he is a psychopath, or a “Stone Boy”, I do not know if he did it on purpose or not. But if he did not, I would not have called him “The Stone Boy” because with his family relations he has to be a “stone boy”. I think maybe his brother was the only one looking after him, and now that he has lost him, he just has to show no feelings, because no one will care about them. I think that Arnold’s family relations are not very healthy for him. I think Eugene was the favourite son. And I think the mother and father are too hard on Arnold, he is only nine years old. I think the mother should not have turned him down in the night when he came to her to talk, and get some sympathy. “”Mother?” he asked insistently. He had expected her to realize that he wanted to go down on his knees by her bed and tell her that Eugie was dead. He had expected her to tell him to come in, to allow him to dig his head into her blankets and tell...
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