Book Analysis: Skellig

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  • Published : May 3, 2013
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Skellig is portrayed as a mysterious character in the beginning and is hard to understand, but as the book progresses we learn more about him. When Michael first meets Skellig he is behind an old tea chest in a broken down old garage, there is dust and death everywhere, blue bottles are scattered all over him and spiders dangle from threads, small decaying animals produce a horrific smell, the garage is filled with a morbid atmosphere, even skellig looks dead until he starts speaking. When skellig first meets Michael, Michael enquires as to who he is, skellig replies ‘Nobody’ this may seem rude but perhaps skellig has forgotten, or maybe he just doesn’t care and thinks He is doing so little with his life that he really is a nobody, there is one puzzling thing that skellig keeps saying, and that is 27 and 53, Skellig eats whatever he can have, including bluebottles, snails and spiders; I think I would if I had no other option. What I am trying to put across is that I am sure that Skellig does not want to do the things he does because he wants to, but because he has to. Michael gets the Chinese takeaway for skellig, as well as an aspirin, but skellig was hardly grateful, he just says ‘Not as stupid as you look’ Skellig seems to have a connection to Michael from the very first time they meet it is like they have known each other all their lives, they seem to understand and relate to each other’s feelings. Again Michael enquires ‘Where are you from’ to which skellig replies ‘nowhere’. But is skellig rude? I don’t think so I think that it is possible he has been away from civilisation for so long that he may have simply forgotten how to behave. The next time Michael takes food to skellig, skellig explains why he is so partial to it, the previous owner of the house was a man called Ernie, Ernie used to order number 27 and 53, but he could never finish them as he was ill and old. Skellig used to get the food out of the bins and eat them, this indicates that...
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