Book Analysis of Oliver Twist

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  • Published : January 4, 2012
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1. The title of this novel is Oliver Twist and it was written by Charles Dickens. It was first published in Nov. of 1838. 2. Main Characters: First of the main characters is, of course, Oliver Twist. He was born in a parish workhouse where his mother died during the birth. A lady named Sally was present while he was born and when his mom died, she took from his mom a ring and a locket. Then he was sent to an infant farm until he was 9 years old when he was put back into the workhouse. There the orphans are mistreated and starved and when he asked for more food at super he was branded a troublemaker and they offered him to be apprenticed by anyone who wanted him. He was then apprenticed by an undertaker, but he ran away to London because he fought with the undertaker’s son who mocked his mother’s death and was beaten for fighting. There in London he lives on the streets until a boy gives him a place to stay. When he goes he is thrown into a band of thieves under a man named Fagin. He doesn’t like the crime of steeling that he witnesses and is falsely accused of. He is taken in by the victim of the theft who treats him well and cares for him until Oliver is kidnapped and delivered back to Fagin. There are many more unfortunate events in his life, but in the end it turns out good for Oliver. I believe Dickens wrote the story to show that the environment that people live in can turn them into criminals instead of the belief that people are just born that way. Oliver shows this because his environment was always trying to turn him bad, but one could clearly see that he didn’t want to be a criminal and did not agree with the lifestyle and in the end he never became one. The other main character in the book is Fagin. It is rumored that Charles Dickens was anti Semitic because of this character, but those claims are untrue. This was because Fagin was referred to as “the Jew” and many of his features were that he was ugly due to many stereotypes of...
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