Book Analysis: Into the Wild

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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Into the Wild Essay
In the world of journalism, there is a code of ethics known as journalistic integrity, which when followed, ensures that the work done by journalists meets certain standards. Journalistic integrity includes fair, unbiased material with truth and accuracy. This is a tough job, and journalists sometimes let their own experiences and opinions interfere with journalistic integrity. A very obvious example of this is Jon Krakauer’s account of the odyssey of Chris McCandless: Into the Wild. He shows a lack of objectivity, along with a lack of impartiality, based off of his obsession with the American Spirit. It is very easy to notice this lack of objectivity and impartiality throughout the book. Throughout Into the Wild, Krakauer uses examples of the “American Spirit,” and applies it to both his life and Chris McCandless’s. When he was writing the book, Krakauer felt a connection to Chris because of their similarities, including the American Spirit. This connection brought a lot of criticism to Krakauer, because it made it hard for him to say anything negative about Chris. There are several examples of Krakauer’s American Spirit, which was overall shown through his thrill for adventure. Krakauer shows that in his youth he “… devoted most of my waking hours to fantasizing about, and then undertaking, ascents of remote mountains in Alaska” (Krakauer 134). What he means here is that he always had a hunger for climbing. He also shows off his thrill for adventure here: “How would it feel, I wondered, to be balanced on that bladelike summit ridge, worrying over the storm clouds building in the distance” (Krakauer 133). This quote really stands out, as he is attracted to what most people fear. Like many people, he “…was stirred by the dark mystery of mortality” (Krakauer 155). In other words, he was interested in and embraced the fact that at some point his life would end, and he had no idea when. Krakauer’s parents had a different version of...
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