Book Analysis: An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

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  • Published : October 2, 2011
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Death is like a ticking clock that awaits us all. When our time comes we all want to turn the hands of time back again, so we can recapture the moment of our life again. In that final moment we will appreciate every sense of being, such as touch, feel and see. An “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” draws the audience from the beginning to the very end. Enrico takes us on a journey of many images when a Confederate Soldier is about to be hang to death by the Union Army. While Peyton hands and feet are tied he waits impatiently and with apprehension, for the signal of the captain, he will then step off the board. The board will tilt over and Peyton will fall through the railway ties. In the light of this gimmicky ending Peyton captivate the viewers as a brave soldier. Furthermore, Enrico brilliance and innovative narration keep the viewers guessing and compels us to see, hear, and feel Peyton desperation to escape from realty. The watch, water and the gates are all images of Peyton freedom that he wants to relive if only for a moment.

In the first place, the ticking watch perceives the external world slowing down. As Peyton awaits his final moment he can hear the ticking of his watch pounding in his ears. His heartbeat race faster than ever and Peyton wonder what will come next. The noise may have brought back memories that were long forgotten. Peyton mind flashes back to the day when he receive the watch as gift from his love one or a close friend. The look upon his face showed loyalty and the feeling of gratefulness that now consumed his heart. Besides that, Peyton had never heard the watch tick so loudly and hastily. It sounded as if the watch was trying to signal a message, but all he could interpret was gibberish. This seemed strange, because the watch always made sense to Peyton. It was the watch who had helped him with so many things in his life such as, telling the time, finding his way when lost and most importantly it had never failed to stop ticking....
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