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dynamic personality
Fight Club was originally a novel by Chuck Palahniuk. The book was made into a movie a short time after the book's success. The book was the only great success the author had. Palahniuk's contemporary and often vulgar writing style has made the author a huge fortune, but respect all over the world. The novel was released in

The settings takes place in US. The main character is working at a company who’s checking safety for cars. He is often at the office working. The climate through the novel is dark and gray. This affects the novel by creating a existing inviarment and atmosphere. Tyler durned is a picture of fear and a man who don’t care about consequences or his action’s towards other people. The story was probably written in the early ‘00.


The characters in the novel are based on the same person.
“Jack” who is the main character is a boring man who has a dead end job in a car company. Tyler is everything jack is not, he has a much stronger personality and don’t care about his actions. The ambivalent protagonist recedes refers himself under “jack”. Jack is a type of person you will feel sorry for, he has no friends and no family that loves him. We can agree that his main problem is his alter ego. When the character “jack” created Taylor in his mind, he did it to prove something to himself. Later in the book “jack” understands that the actions Tyler is doing is wrong. He confronts himself and decides that the split personality has to come to an end.
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