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Definition of quality of work life
Extent to which employees can enhance their personal lives through their work environment and experiences. QWL basically focusses on the work life balance and satisfaction of an organisation's workforce and thereby meeting the organisation's objectives in a efficient and effective manner. Meaning of quality of work life

Involves the quality of supervision, working conditions, pay and benefits and the nature of the job.. The defining of quality of work life involves three major parts: occupational health care, suitable working time and appropriate salary.

The safe work environment provides the basis for the person to enjoy working. The work should not pose a health hazard for the person. The employer and employee, aware of their risks and rights, could achieve a lot in their mutually beneficial dialogue.

The term "quality of work life" (QWL) was first introduced in 1972 during an international labor relations conference .The basic objectives of an effective QWL program are improved working conditions (mainly from an employee's perspective) and greater organizational effectiveness (mainly from an employer's perspective).

A win-win situation may result if QWL is positively linked to business performance. Positive results of QWL have been supported by a number of previous studies, including reduced absenteeism, lower turnover, and improved job satisfaction. Not only does QWL contribute to a company's ability to recruit quality people, but also it enhances a company's competitiveness. Common beliefs support the contention that QWL will positively nurture amore flexible, loyal, and motivated workforce, which are essential in determining the company's competitiveness.
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