Boo Radley and Scout

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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Name: Alliah Turner
Date: 12-16-12
Period: 3

The Relationship Between Arthur (Boo) Radley and Jean Louise (Scout) Finch

In To Kill a Mockingbird, written by Harper Lee, Scout is an educated six year old child who is

very mature for her age. Despite her capability to understand things that most six year can not, she is a

bit curious. That curiosity can be viewed as rude and or childish. She is curious about Boo Radley, as

to why he never comes out of his house. Scout and her brother, Jem, try to come up with ways to get

Boo to come out of his house. This type of behavior can be as rude to others but to them they believe

that they are doing a kindness by bringing him outside and enjoying the beauty of the world.

Throughout the book their relationship progresses and the children learn that you do not know a person

until you see them for the first time.

Arthur (Boo) Radley was locked in his house for 15 years and has never been seen by outsiders.

Rumors say that he wander the streets of Maycomb in the middle of the night and eats squirrels and

possums. One time Boo Radley was cutting newspapers and when his father walk by he stabbed him in

the legs, and resumed in cutting his newspaper like nothing happened. The Radley place is viewed like

a haunted house in the story, but it is all not true, Atticus teaches his children to not judge anyone

unless you "walk into their shoes". (Lee 279)

The children believe all of the rumors they have heard about Boo Radley. They even start to make

some of their own inferences about him based on what they have heard. These feelings about Boo

Radley start to change when the children begin to find presents in a knothole out side of the Radley

place. They figured that they were from Boo Radley. It was a way for him to show them that he wants

to be their friend. The children do not realize this until later and then want to thank him by inviting

him out...
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