Bonie and Clyde

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I. Bonnie and Clyde

A. You may have herd of Jessie James the outlaw but today I am going to teach you about Bonnie and Clyde B. The reason I chose this topic I did is because Bonnie and Clyde interest me a lot and I have seen the actual car they were ambushed in C. Hopefully learning about Bonnie and Clyde will want you to make the write chouses in life D. Today I will talk to you about the history of Bonnie and Clyde and how they met and about the Barrow Gang and the real and fake on the story of Bonnie and Clyde and how their lives ended up in the end

II. Bonnie and Clyde
A. The history of Bonnie and Clyde
1. When you break the law you go to jail but if you are like Bonnie and Clyde who break the law and don’t go to jail you are an outlaw 2. Bonnie and Clyde were very two madly in love people that wanted to stay together but also wanted money so would steel and run B. How bonnie and Clyde met

1. They say a rare minimum amount of people have love at first sight everyone but Bonnie and Clyde who say it was love at first sight then outlaws 2. Clyde Barrow n plan was to steel Bonnie Parker mothers car as Bonnie Parker was getting ready for work she caught Clyde taking a good look of the car and stopped him and ran off with him to become an outlaw C. About the Barrow Gang

1. A group of friends that stick together is a way you could describe the Barrow Gang 2.
D. The true and false of the story Bonnie and Clyde
1. When you tell a story to a friend and they change it into some thing else when some parts are true and others are wrong well that is how the story of Bonnie and Clyde was with the movie and what really happened 2.Some parts of the Bonnie and Clyde sorry is not true not exactly what really happened or some of...
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