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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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Julia Chen
Mrs. Casey
216 Period 2
28 September 2012
A Pathetic Transformation
What would happen if a father was a person with a “well-developed criminal characteristic”(206), and was “not a normal character in the first place”(206)? What if his son was special to him “in a psychological way”(206)? Perhaps the son would be well protected by the father. In one book, it starts with a kidnapping. Neil Griffon is abducted by two men, then finds out that unless he agrees with his kidnappers’ unreasonable demands, his father’s stable and precious horses will be destroyed. Neil realizes that he has no choice except to cooperate. So the stable gets a new member, the criminal Enso Rivera’s eighteen years old son, Alessandro Rivera… Bonecrack, written by Dick Francis, will give you the answer to these questions. It shows us the pathetic transformation of Enso, who changes from a tyrant to a stubborn man, finally becomes a madman.

It is sad to see his change, for his personal reason, and eventually it affects to his brain. At first, the book reveals that Enso is a complete monarch. He is the “manipulator”(16) of the kidnapping. When Neil refuses Enso’s command, he says, “They are, that you employ a certain jockey, and that you do not seek aid from anyone, including the police should you break either of these agreements the stable will be destroyed. But…”(15) He emphasizes, “… If you do not agree to these conditions in the first place, you will not be freed”(15). Through his words, we can feel his aggressive and arrogant personality. The purpose of the kidnapping is to force Neil to employ his son Alessandro to be the jockey. To get rid of the morass, Neil decides to save the stable. He reluctantly agrees with Enso. During the days Neil spends with his son, more information about Enso is revealed. The secret side of Enso comes out. From the death of Indigo, there is an interesting but ridiculous point, “Enso would give Alessandro anything he wanted”(123), but “he...
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