Bone of Contention

Pages: 3 (594 words) Published: November 15, 2011
I.Problem Definition

What could have been the prenominal reason of Bella’s being depressed and demotivated?


1.To determine the effects of Bella’s resentment feelings towards Patty. 2.To maintain good working relationship with new and old friends despite the monetary compensation differences. 3.To resolve the silent hostility between Bella and Patty and bring back the good old friends back again.

III.Areas of Consideration

Personal Counterpoint
At the onset of Bella’s Food Corporation work, she was happy and contented with what is happening to her life. Including the regular monthly remuneration, 13th month pays, mid year bonuses, and uniform allowances. However, downfall happens when she intentionally knows how much Patty is being paid even if she is still new in the company. At that time, she felt depressed and demotivated that aside from the loyalty and dedication, she was not given the chance to receive the higher compensation that Patty is receiving.

Social Relationship
Knowing that Bella and Patty had been classmates for quite some time, they have built the sense of love, belongingness and trust to each other that resulted to a good friendship. But on the other side of that, it turned out different. Bella got jealous to Patty for reasons that only Bella knows without the knowledge of Patty. While Bella has remained casually friendly to Patty but deep inside of her, she has wanted it to be distant because she is preoccupied with anxieties, jealousy, and envy.

Work Performance
Having Patty sensed that something is bothering Bella, she maintained as warm and friendly as possible, but it did not went so well. This resulted to a distracted concentration of her work, becoming more conscious with her actions, afraid to what co-workers might comment about her and afraid to commit mistakes knowing that she is new and unfamiliar with the work routines.

Breaching Confidentiality
Not only to the Food Corporation...
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