Bone Cancer the Cause and Effect

Topics: Cancer, Metastasis, Bone marrow Pages: 3 (1258 words) Published: February 8, 2012
Bone Cancer the Cause and Effect

Bone Cancer the Cause and Effect
Your body has 206 bones. These bones serve multiple different functions. First, your bones provide structure to your body and help provide its shape. Muscles attach to the bones and allow you to move. Without the bones, your body would become a pile of soft tissues without structure, and you would be unable to stand, walk, or move. Second, the bones help to protect the more fragile organs of the body. For example, the bones of the skull protect the brain, the vertebrate of the spine protect the spinal cord, and the ribs protect the heart and lungs. Third, the bones contain bone marrow, which makes and stores new blood cells. Finally, the bones help control your body’s collection of various proteins and nutrients including calcium and phosphorus. Your Body is made up of many small structures called cells. There are many different types of cells that grow to form the different parts of your body. During normal growth and development, these cells continuously grow, divide, and make new cells. This process continues throughout life even after you are no longer growing. The cells continue to divide and make new cells to replace old and damaged cells. In a healthy person, the body is able to control the growth and division of cells according to the needs of the body. Cancer is when this normal control of cells is lost and the cells begin to grow and divide out of control. The cells also become abnormal and have altered functions in patients with cancer. The cancer cells can become very destructive to the surrounding cells.

There are many different type of cancer. The cancer is usually named based on the type of cell that affected. For example, Lung Cancer is caused by out of control cells that form the lungs and Breast Cancer by cells that form the breast. A Tumor is a collection of abnormal cells grouped together. However, not all tumors are cancerous. A tumor can be Benign (not cancerous) or...
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