Bone Cancer

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Bone Cancer / Osteosarcoma
The topic that I pick is Bone cancer. I pick bone cancer because I want to know more about bone cancer. One thing is it occurs in the bones and kills the bone tissue. Second thing is typically affects the long bones like arms and legs. Third thing is there were about 2,800 cases of the cancer. Fourth thing is Osteoporosis is a weakening of the bones. The fifth thing is about the treatment is surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy or all of them at the same time.

Bone cancer kills the tissue by a tumor that’s in the bone, tendons, nerves, muscle, also blood vessels, and in the fat that occur in tissues also in the glands. The tumors form around and in the bones. Five percent of teens that have cancer would get diagnosed with osteosarcoma also it haves a rapid growth. Its rarely see in children, it’s more in males then female males by (ages 15-19) and females by (ages 10-14). 87 percent of the times the tumor start in the middle of the bone.

Bone tumors are lumps of tissue from a cell uncontrollably. When the tumors start from inside of the skeleton, such as the leg bones or the arm bones or the ribs, they are called the bone tumors. When they start from inside other tissues, such as the muscles, fat or the blood vessels, they are called the soft tissue tumors. There’s a great number of tumors or tumor-like lesions of bone. Osteosarcoma is a tumor that consists of malignant cells that produce immature bone.

Estimated of about 500,000 Americans die of cancer, and about 1,500 deaths per day of cancer. It’s rare in the UK about 1,400 children less than 15 seconds of birth is diagnosed with cancer each year. Bone cancer is not a common cancer compared to many other types of cancer one is osteosarcomas second is chondrosarcomas third is Ewing's sarcoma. Normally, cells divide in a regulated manner, if cells keep dividing uncontrollably when new cells are not needed, a mass of tissue forms, called a growth or tumor.

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