Bonds of People Is the True Power

Topics: Friendship Pages: 3 (1165 words) Published: April 21, 2013

Here I am, sitting on the floor and my body slumping on the mattress. The wind coming from the stand fan behind me silently whispers in my mind the words “Go to sleep.” The clock’s short hand points on that bulky number 3 while the other points between 1 and 2. Roughly two hours left before my usual waking time. But why am I still awake?

The answer is right in front of me. A glowing light amidst the darkness surrounds me, making me defy the urge to grab my fluffy pillow and lie on my inviting and comforting bed. There was nothing else but my laptop, my ever tempting and enticing laptop, the source of my pleasure and agony. It is the sole reason why my body struggles to fight the inevitable closing of my eyelids and begs my mind to absorb and comprehend what I’ve been busy doing just now.

It would be worth staying up this late doing the honorable duties of a responsible student, like finishing your research paper or studying your butt out for your 5 consecutive quizzes in Geometry, Chemistry, Social Studies, Filipino, and English. Unfortunately, that wasn’t my case. Here in my screen are three tabs which definitely depicts the things I can’t resist: Youtube,, and Facebook. Perhaps the second site is unfamiliar for most of you, but Youtube is a very common place in the Internet, so is Facebook. So for the sake of those clueless about what this alien website is, I’ll give a brief and very short description for it. Animecrazy is one of the million websites where you can watch anime for free. Obviously, I have been sacrificing my sleeping time to watch these 30-minute episodes full of exciting twists and sophisticated animation that surely had me begging for more.

As I was surfing over Google, I stumbled upon an anime named, “Kokoro Connect.” I felt curious and before I knew it I was indulged in watching it. There’s something in it that convinced me to watch it instead of doing my assignments. And I...
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