Bond Girls

Topics: Dr. No, James Bond, The World Is Not Enough Pages: 5 (1905 words) Published: February 18, 2011
The representation of women in the Bond films and how Bond Girl has changed over the years. Woman’s representation has changed in the society and this change is reflected in Bond movies as women take more protagonistic roles. They have always been in the centre of controversy, always seen as beautiful women (often with sexuall names) who need Bond and without whom Bond can not complete his mission without them. They always seem to have perfection in everything they do. However, this portrayal of women can be somewhat unrealistic.(‘Bond girls are forever’ by Maryam d’Abo, John Cork) This essay will discuss, how the ‘Bond Girls’ have evolved and changed over decades from being “dumb blonde girls” Honey Ryder in Dr. No(1962) to being “intelligent able women” like Wei Lynn in the ‘Tomorrow never dies (1997).James Bond series was created to show Britain as a powerful country with their own hero with fast cars, gadgets and beautiful girls. However, there are also conventions which are expected in each Bond film. Bond’s Vodka Martini is “shaken, not stirred”, Q’s gadgets are expected and anticipated by the audience and Bond’s theme tune, used regularly to enhance the dramatic moments is instantly recognised wherever heard. The first Bond film was made in 1962 which is called Dr.No. The world during that period, was at a time where after the second world war, there was conflict between Russia and Britain and the United States of America, the period of the “Cold War. The Bond girl in Dr.No 1962 (Honey Ryder).Honey Ryder would not be an acceptable Bond girl in the 21st century because Bond girls have changed to be almost as equal to Bond and she is able to fight and with skills which are quite masculine, Honey Ryder is not like this.Analyzing two scenes from two Bond Films. "Dr No" (1969) and "Tomorrow never Dies" (1997) featuring two Bond girls, Honey Ryder and Wei-Lyn. Honey Ryder played by Ursula Andress, the blonde in a white bikini. It was in a sunny tropical beach in Crab Quay (Jamaica), the perfect setting for romance as it is secluded, romantic and exotic. She wore a white bikini, which emphasized her purity and innocence while at the same time emphasizing her curvaceous body. She was singing ’Underneath the mango tree' which highlighted her childlike qualities. The appearance of Bond in the scene introduces an element of romance although she was shocked at the sight of him. She was scared but curious as to why he was there. She grabs for her knife and waves it about which stresses the fact that she is very instinctual and if she has to, she will defend herself but she is unsure of Bonds' and her own strength. Once she was sure Bond meant no harm, she becomes friendly with him which tells us that she is (like a child) easily led and very trusting. When Bond asks her name, she replies by saying "Honey Ryder." He tells her that it is a "very pretty name" in a patronising tone and in the same manner, as you would talk to a child. The director used a medium shot when they were walking through the beach. The shot of them together shows that he is both stronger and bigger. She tells him that the reason for her being in Crab Quay is that she's collecting shells to sell them, which tells us that she finds very simple and childlike ways of supporting herself. They then get into trouble and we see that his arm is around her waist as they are hiding behind the sand. This gesture is very intimate but could be misinterpreted as just an excuse for him to touch her. Bond recognizes Honeys' childlike quality and realizes the need to protect her. The position of their heads also tells us that Bond is large and in charge as Bonds' head, although next to Honeys' is slightly above hers, which indicates a higher rank. Honey has a childhood belief about monsters. We see this in a close up of her face as she describes the appearance of the ‘dragon' from this we see her fear, another indication of her naivety. She describes the...
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