Bonchon Analysis

Topics: Korean cuisine, Daikon, Kimchi Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: April 13, 2012
About Bonchon
Banchan (pronounced "bonchon") refers to the assorted sides served alongside a main course in Korean cuisine. About a half dozen banchan are served at any meal; the best known are kimchi — pickled dishes, made of either fermented cabbage (baechu), daikon radish (mu), or other vegetables like scallions (pa) — although they might also include japchae (glass noodles), marinated tofu, or even American potato salad. Typically served in small portions that are meant to be finished (and replenished if necessary) at every meal, banchan are shared amongst everyone at the table. My favorite banchan is ggakdugi, or kak tu gi, the spicy diced radish kimchi. BonChon is a Korean word meaning “original village”.

Just as people yearn for their hometown, we hope that our customers will seek our amazingly crispy, juicy, and flavorful chicken wherever they are. As we grow and expand, we will make sure that he who seeks BonChon shall always find it. BonChon’s mission is to bring the most gratifying eating experience to people around the globe, and to be a company which cares for and grows with our franchisees and customers. Through a culture of hard work and loyalty, we aspire to be a reliable and constant source of quality food and service, dedicating ourselves to encouraging joy and positive energy in all those who encounter us. VALUES

Drive to share our unique chicken with the world.
Offering a tastier and healthier option for chicken lovers. Using only the best ingredients. Diversity
Ambition to expand globally. Eagerness to learn about and tailor our restaurants to the cultures of the areas in which our restaurants are opened. Transparency
Open communication with our franchisees and customers. We don’t play the blame game – we listen and respond. Education
Keeping our word. Speaking with our actions.
No questions asked, always giving our best and constantly learning and improving. Importance of building a positive...
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