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1.0 Case Summary – Bombardier Aerospace
Bombardier Aerospace is a division of Bombardier Inc. and is regarded as one of the third largest aircraft company in the world in terms of yearly delivery of commercial airplanes overall, and the fourth largest in terms of yearly delivery of regional jets. It is headquartered in Ville-Marie, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Bombardier started its journey with the founder J. Armand Bombardier in 1942 to manufacture tracked vehicles for transportation on snow covered terrain and has earmarked itself as one of Canada’s oldest, most diversified and reputed companies. By 2002, the company has grown revenues to $21.6 billion with a net income $390.9 million from 5 operating units including: Bombardier Transportation, Bombardier Aerospace, Bombardier Recreation Products, Bombardier Capital and Bombardier International.

Bombardier Aerospace, a SBU of Bombardier Inc, had over 33, 000 employees and established itself as an internationally integrated organization with full design and production operations in Canada, United States and UK. Such operations made Bombardier Aerospace as the third largest civil airframe manufacturer and a leader in region airliners, business jets and amphibious aircraft. Its high-performance aircraft and services set the standard of excellence in several markets, including:

Business Aircraft |
Commercial Aircraft |
Amphibious Aircraft |
Jet Travel Solutions |
Specialized Aircraft Solutions |
Aircraft Services And Training |

During 1999, after several months of negotiation and planning process Bombardier Aerospace was able to build a unique relationship with the Canadian Government, who after the Cold War started at looking how military could operate under tighter fiscal restraints. In a joint initiative under NATO, Bombardier Aerospace agreed to service and own training aircraft and in turn leased these aircraft to the Canadian military for training purposes. This arrangement was named as NATO Flight Training in Canada (NFTC) which aimed at managing Ground Based Flight Training School and Simulator Training. In any given time , approximately 75 students from Canada and other NATO countries were enrolled in the NFTC training program.

Alex Lachance hails with 20 years of flying experience in the Canadian military and after an illustrious experience with Canadian military has also occupied several other positions. During 2002, Alex joined Bombardier Aerospace as the manager of ground-based training operations for Nato Flight Training in Canada NFTC and almost at some point in time Ted Baker who had successfully completed Bombardier’s interview process few months before joined as an instructors in Nato Flight Training in Canada (NFTC).

The hiring process at bombardier was quite a challenging once since achieving the two crucial objectives of finding an incumbent for the vacant position who is equally equipped in terms of the technical expertise required along with their fit of the candidate with the Bombardier culture of was not an easy task. Also, it was seen that whoever bargained during the interview process, on the whole achieved a better remuneration package with the ‘per diem...
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