Topics: Soviet Union, Russia, Vladimir Lenin Pages: 3 (1055 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Bolsheviks rise to power
By 1917, Russia was in need of a revolution for new leadership and a new way of life for the people. The quick rise to power by the Bolsheviks was unprecedented. They were not seen as political super powers by any means. Lenin’s influence on the Russian people is indisputable; it is also due to the incompetence of the Provisional Government that the Bolsheviks were allowed to gather support. It can be seen that strong leadership is an important factor for success. It was Lenin’s intelligence who got the Bolsheviks into power but Trotski’s cunning which kept them there throughout the duration of the Civil War.  The incompetent leadership of the Provisional Government left the door wide open for the Bolshevik to seize power. They misread the public’s view on war and decided to push ahead in the name of national honour. In fact Kerensky, the new leader of the government by July, decided to attack the Germans with a strong offensive, something which proved very unpopular. To add to the wound, the failure of offensive in Galicia in 1917 saw army fall apart with mutinies, murdering of officers, and the refusal to fight by many of the soldiers. The March revolution was mostly confined to the Petrograd which meant the peasants of wider Russia were not in full support of the Provisional Government. This situation was made worse by the fact the Provisional Government refused to act on land reforms, deciding that it would be a job for a properly elected Constituent Assembly. When the Provisional Government refused to distribute the land fairly, the peasants did not wait and drove landowners off their land and claimed what they saw as theirs, often these incidents involved violence. The Bolshevik party went on the offensive and tried to educate the workers and soldiers, convincing them to seize power and land for themselves. In July 1917, the workers challenged the Provisional Government and ended up defeated, with their leader jailed and Lenin...
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