Bolshevik Revolution

Topics: Russia, Soviet Union, October Revolution Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: December 5, 2012
#2 - “There were two revolutions in Russia because of the weakness of the Provisional Government.” To what extent do you agree with this statement? I agree with this statement to a large extent, as the revolutions were directly caused by the weak provisional government. The provisional government, created after the first revolution, directly caused the second revolution of 1917. Therefore this statement is true as the provisional government had no authority, its reforms were useless and caused adverse reactions, and forced Russians to turn to more radical means to have a competent government.

The provisional government was extremely weak in the spring of 1917, prior to the October revolution. The provisional government was not elected, and this caused an obvious rift in power to the Russians. The government promised elections, yet they were so delayed that Russians felt it was the Bourgeoisie’s efforts to grasp on to power. This discredited the provisional government, thus it lacked authority. Both workers and soldiers had strong feelings of distrust aimed at the provisional government from the start. It created an atmosphere of mistrust and suspicion aimed at the provisional government. The government was therefore deemed to be illegitimate by the Russian people. Because of the weak provisional government, people were discontented with the government. Thus because the provisional governments power was deteriorating due to its illegitimacy, the government was left susceptible to revolution. The turmoil caused by the weak provisional government made the revolution of October 1917 possible. Therefore, because the provisional government was weak, it directly caused dissatisfaction of the Russian public, and left it susceptible to the next revolution.

Also, the provisional government led to its own demise, through its various reforms that were issued. As soon as the Tsar was abdicated, Russians wanted sweeping reforms to solve the problems of everyday...
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