Bologna process

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"Bologna process" essay

Knowledge society concept is still relatively new, but already far from theoretical idea or a concept. It is used by social scientists , politicians , economists , computer science and other fields , put your environmentally acceptable content . In its own way it imagines and creates different cultures and different economic and social development of countries or groups . However, there are many countries in the world according to their future disposition options available to create the knowledge environment. Another tricky strongly and deeply examine the knowledge society with a broad comparative context , it is a very recent and extremely strong and diverse social , cultural and technological process . Knowledge-based society created in the local environment using global knowledge. Only thanks to their globality , and they feature the awarding of information technology development in general has become a knowledge society possible idea. It is therefore reasonable to talk about today of potential countries and their societies , and opportunities for local data drivers and try to do predictive insights , consider an individual with a knowledge-based society -related aspiration. For the past several years of extraordinary achievements of European integration becomes the Union and its citizens increasingly concrete and relevant reality . Enlargement prospects together with deepening relations with other European countries gives this reality is more ambitious . Meanwhile, we are increasing the political and academic world and in public opinion of the need to bring more Europe and expand its boundaries witnesses , especially in developing and strengthening its intellectual , cultural, social and scientific and technological potential. A Europe of Knowledge is now widely recognized as an irreplaceable social and human factor as an indispensable component to consolidate and enrich the European citizenship, capable of giving its...
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