Bollywood Versus Hollywood

Topics: Film, Bollywood, Cinema of the United States Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: February 20, 2012
The Purpose of this paper is to try to make a case and possibly a conclusion on the popularity of the above captioned movie industries. DEFINITIONS:
Bollywood is defined and generally accepted to be the name given to the Mumbai based Hindi language film industry in India ( and as such all movies produced and directed by entertainment company’s registered under the supervision of the Central Board of Film Certification is referred to as a Bollywood movie. Hollywood: Without reference to any source, is the name used to refer to the American Film industry, apart from being a geographical location in Los Angeles, USA. It comprises of almost all the different aspects of broadcasting, from cinema productions, to radio and TV broadcasting. Movies produced and directed by the entertainment company’s registered under the supervision of Motion Picture Association of America are referred to as a Hollywood movie regardless of the geographical location where the movie is shot. Popular: Commonly accepted or approved of (Merriam –Webster) The question to ask is how do we test for popularity of any movie industry? Could sales/revenue be a pointer?

Box office review/ratings?
Geographical/Location based test?
Revenue-Wise Hollywood Movies does not depend on ticket sales alone, a major part of the revenue comes from other segments like TV networks, magazines and home videos, even though Bollywood is toying the same line of a franchise formula, it is too early to conclude that’s its revenue drive is as successful as Hollywood’s. The majority of Bollywood’s revenue is derived from ticket sales and even most of its funding has been from the unorganised sector, this is because Bollywood was just recognised as an industry in 1998 and the financial industry in India was not allowed to fund the film industry.( BOX OFFICE REVIEWS/RATINGS:

It would be unfair to Bollywood if its...
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