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‘From kanya kumara to Kazakhstan from Morocco to Malaysia’ Bollywood found enthusiastic audience all over the globe’ (Thussu, 2008,p.97) Some of the most popular movies seen in the world are Indian movies. Here we not only talk about the billion Indian audiences where approximately 12 million people go to cinema everyday, but a large audience beyond the Indian population countries like Russia, China, Middle East, Turkey and Africa (including Maghreb countries of North Africa). Different people from different culture have a lot of interest in the Indian cinema. So the Indian cinema is not only constrained to its own country but also has a global appeal Kasbekr (1996:366) Kabir (2001).

What is Bollywood?
Bollywood the biggest film industry in India. Always misinterpreted as Indian film industry though it is a part of it, a major part that produces Hindi films and most of the times represents the Indian film industry. The name Bollywood obviously came from Hollywood the B states for Bombay (now know as Mumbai). Bollywood position itself against the hegemony of Hollywood.

Journey of Bollywood from the past till date
* 1896: ‘country’s colonial rulers’, Lumiere Brothers who introduced the art of cinema to the sub-continent. Bombay, as it was then called, was the first Indian city to screen Cinematography, six short films by these cinematic pioneers. * 1913: ‘Silent era’ to talkies the first silent movie was produced raja Harish Chandra by Dada Sahib falke. Now was the entry of Bollywood. With the upcoming technology India came up with it first talking and singing film Alam Ara in 1931. * 1950-1960: ‘Golden age’ the period in which India most acclaimed movies was produced. India took a step ahead and romantic movies were all over India. Mughle azam one of the hits of 1960. * 1970-1981: ‘Masala movies’ the period of sholey the internationally acclaimed film and Umrau jaan. Rise in a lot of female directors like Meera nayar and Aparna Sen * 1990:’Rule of technology’ the time of mixed genre romantic, thrill, action and comedy films. Once again there was change a turning point in the Indian cinema. Focus moved to aesthetic appeal. * 21 Century: ‘Global Appeal’ the 21st century Indian cinema finally found global appeals. The industry reached to the world audience. Not only being the part of international film festivals, the overseas market contributes a good amount of Bollywood box office collection. The major studios like Fox, Sony Pictures, and Warner Bros did investments that made it clearer that Bollywood had etched itself on global psyche. I picked up a very attention seeking and yet not much researched case of a large and independent industry at a country like India, called Bollywood, coined after the former name of Mumbai, Bombay. Going back in the times the past few years has seen a growth of annual income by 8 %. India is seen as a growing economy and political power. The thing that can clearly illustrate this is how India’s culture is understood across the globe Goswami (2004,cited in Thussu 2008,p.98).

The essay is going to include first the introduction, which talk about the topic Bollywood’s growth along with a brief background about it, what is Bollywood? And how did it come in existence (historical content)? Secondly talking about globalization how Indian cinema Bollywood had changed over the period of time making films not only to appeal to the domestic market as well as the international market. Later explaining the contra flow theory that suits the concept of globalization here, as it is not just the west influence that is coming in Bollywood film industry but Indian movies, which are going to the west as well. The current scenario of the Bollywood, SWOT analysis of the industry and the future prospectus and then lastly to conclude with my opinion and just of the researchers.

Bollywood going global:

‘The barriers have been broken and the doors have opened...
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