Bold Girls

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The play “Bold Girls” by Rona Munro is heavily based upon the theme of “the truth”. There are four main characters, whose lives are troubled with trying to avoid an unwanted truth. One character however “Deirdre” stands out from the others as the one whose goal is to seek out the truth. This character –different to the rest- changes the course of the play as well as the other’s lives, as she attempts to reveal the truth.

In the beginning of the play Deirdre’s first appearance is very strange. She is out of darkness only showing her face. The stage directions “crouching on all fours” is like an animal staking its prey, which is very appropriate for what is to come later. The first thing we hear from her is a grim monologue painting a scene with a very negative description. She says things that contrast like the colors grey and green, hinting at the theme of hope and hopelessness in the times she lives in. “Somewhere a bird is singing and falling in the sky” this phrase again helps convey the difference between dull and brighter times. I feel as well that it is beginning to suggest at the theme of avoiding the truth. The truth faced by the characters is daunting and unpleasant. With the bird singing and falling at the same time, it is the same as the other characters being pulled down by the truth yet acting as though everything as fine.

With the next reappearance of Deirdre she starts immediately to be portrayed as a threat to the women. Especially with the use of stage directions again “There was a thunderous knocking at the front door”. It changes our view of Deirdre instantly as not only a strange character but a potentially dangerous one. Her entrance suggests that her presence in the women’s lives is going to have consequences. In this scene where she enters the house she behaves very strangely. She reluctantly answers questions, and gives very little information about herself away. This continues to add to the mysterious image Deirdre has.

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