Bold Flash

Topics: Management, Process management, Process flow diagram Pages: 3 (1096 words) Published: January 1, 2013
BoldFlash: Cross-Functional Challenges in the Mobile Division

4. How does the division’s culture play a role in the discord? What has shaped this culture? A culture that exists within an organization is no different than the culture that exists within a society. This organisation is ultimately working toward the same goals, but they all have different ideas and purposes. BoldFlash is flawed and unorganized. Employees are following a submissive culture. They are on guard and feel that they need to protect themselves and their territory. In order to foster a better culture, they need to feel a sense of security and trust so they are able to communicate freely and begin working as a team. Perhaps, it could have been Harrison’s management style that may have steered this existing culture. 5. What is the role of the business head, Cahill, in leading change? As the sponsor of change in BoldFlash, Cahill has a key role in the team and the organization at large. He has the role of providing organizational support for change by guiding change and at the same time demonstrating executive commitment to move fast in the idea. His role is critical especially with resource allocation and shifting in order to support change. Additionally, the leader has an essential role in maintaining and sustaining change (Russell and Russell, 2006, p. 130). Focus is needed -for the business head- to focus on the issues in the organization before initializing organizational change. 6. Should one particular group (marketing, manufacturing, etc..) Or individual bear more of the responsibility than any other for fostering cross-functional coordination? Why or why not? With the assignment of responsibilities in the organization, individual specialist groups should have the responsibility of specific key objectives and goals (Gole and Hilger, 2009, p. 155). This should include having a key and leading position to accomplish a task, come up with findings to the objectives and make...
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