Boiler: Valve and Pressure Power Apparatus

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This report is for JJ508 Engineering Lab 3, and it is for vapour pressure power apparatus. Vapour pressure power apparatus is an apparatus based on steam to generate electricity. There is a boiler to heat the water to produce steam and the steam will be send to the turbine-like section to convert into electricity. By controlling the variables available, we can determine the amount of the electricity being output by the apparatus. By doing this report, we learnt a lot more about this apparatus on how it work, the concept behind and how to set it up.


1. Keep all body parts away from the boiler and system piping when the system is in operation to avoid injury. 2. Always use personal protective equipment (heat resistant gloves and protective glasses) when operating the system. 3. Always ensure that the boiler vessel is filled with water until half full before operation to prevent heater burnout. 4. Ensure that the boiler valves are kept closed when the system is in operation. 5. Keep all body parts and objects away from the relief valve blowdown line. The safety relief valve will automatically discharge steam through the blowdown line in the event of boiler over-pressure. 6. Keep all body parts and objects away from the moving mechanical parts of the turbine and generator. SETUP PROCEDURES

1. Place the system on a level surface and lock the castor wheels. 2. Connect the water inlet port at the top of the boiler to a clean water supply. 3. Connect the drain port at the bottom of the boiler, relief valve blowdown line and the discharge port to a drain. 4. Open the water inlet port valve and the throttling valve. Fill the boiler vessel with water until the water level reaches 80% on the sight port. WARNING: Always ensure that the heater cartridge is completely submerged in water to prevent heater burn-out. 5. Close both of the valves.

6. Connect the power cable to a single phase, 240 VAC /...
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