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Topics: Mobile phone, Mobile phone radiation and health, Base station Pages: 3 (577 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Boiled eggs; I believe all of you know boiled egg…..

How many methods of preparing boiled egg is known to you?

Today I am going to teach you a new method………. Using 4 mobile phones, 4 pre-recorded tapes & an egg

Connect 4 mobile phones to pre-recorded tapes and keep them were live with an egg in the middle. After around 80 minutes, the egg will be found to be hard-boiled.

This was an experiment conducted by Punjab University, India on impact of electromagnetic radiation of cell phones.

If in 80 minutes mobile phone radiation can make an egg hardboiled egg. How much these radiations could be affecting our body, specifically brain.

If that’s not enough to scare you about the mobile phone radiation, have you ever wondered where the chirping sparrows have vanished? Well, the study shows that cell phone radiation could well also be responsible for their vanishing act.

The type of radiation emitted from mobile phones is electromagnetic radiation. These rays, the same as those in a microwave oven, generate heat.

There are now six billion mobile phone subscribers in the world. That means that roughly 80 percent of the world now owns some form of mobile phone. The really impressive numbers are when you compare the number of people who currently own a mobile phone to those who have what most would consider basic needs.

We all know the ill effects of extensive use of mobile phones. I will give you 8 tips to drastically reduce the exposure to mobile phone radiation.

1. Hold phone away from your body –

Moving your phone 20cm away from your head reduces radiation doses by about 98%. So instead of placing it under your pillow when going to bed, leave the phone at a bedside table. Use speaker phones.

2. Use hands free headsets.
This will dramatically reduce radiation emissions into the brain. Since there's no phone in sight, it will look like you're talking to yourself while you're walking down the street. People in music...
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