Boeings Organizational Structure

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  • Published : July 30, 2007
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Boeing 2
In this paper the company Boeing will be evaluated with using the organizing function of management. The paper will show how the organizing function relates to the physical assets, monetary, human resources, knowledge, and technology. It will also be shown how Boeing uses these resources for effectiveness and efficiency.

Boeing 3
In the functions of management there are four functions. One of the functions is organizing. This is a little different from the other functions because things start to move in motion. The manager typically starts to delegate and assign job tasks to the team. Sometimes a manual document is created so everyone is on the same page. This function is important for managers because they have given jobs to specific people because they trust them to complete them correctly and on time. The manager has taken the time to evaluate which staff member can handle which task. So when the project is presented to the staff, each person can have an understanding of why they were each chosen for their responsibility. It is key that each person hold their own responsibility so the team can be successful.

Now when looking at the organizing function on a much bigger level such as with the company Boeing, much more comes into play. The end result of their organizing function determines the success that Boeing has. It is important a lot of focus goes into their daily organizing because it can affect them monetarily. While they need to be efficient and effective, they can only do this by creating a structure for their newly developed ideas and plans. Boeing currently has a plan in place to guide them to produce their products at the most cost efficient rate. Boeing then in turn has to hold each employee accountable for their production. Boeing is a company that has been in business a hundred plus years. They have had lots of trial and errors that have set them on a steady track of growing....
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