Boeing Software Procurement Case Study Questions

Topics: Computer software, Application software, System software Pages: 2 (376 words) Published: May 21, 2011
1.Why would a large and complex company like Boeing employ off-the-shelf application-specific software for accounting, human resources, supply chain management and other core business processes? a. We can find good quality software for these processes off the shelf. b. They have been used many times before so are free of errors. c. These processes are similar in most companies so there is no need for customization. d. Making them in house is just a redundant cost.

e. New staff do not need a lot of training if it is off the shelf. And why do they choose to own, host and operate all of their own software rather than to for example outsource payroll to ADP Corporation or sales force management to a. they are large and quite capable to do so.

b. they do not want their company information to be easily accessible. 2.On the other hand, why would Boeing develop in-house some of the software applications used in conjunction with its products? a. So that it can customize the application to fit their specific needs b. Secure in the knowledge that it will exactly like you wanted it because communication can be more fluid and instruction and be passed on both sides.

3.What are the pros and the cons for establishing a limited list of general purpose software products that employees may use within Boeing? Pros
- reduced training time
- information compatibility between departments.
- maintain company standard
- reduced data processing time and cost
- Less flexibility for employees
- Restriction in some capabilities and function.
-Difficultly in sharing information with other companies

4.In terms of system software, Boeing employs a broad list of these, highly technical software products. The firm purchases some of these products from commercial vendors like Microsoft and Oracle; while others, like Linux, Boeing obtains from open source providers on the Web. Explain Boeing‘s reasoning for...
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