Boeing: Selling a Dreamliner

Topics: Boeing 787, Airbus A350, Competition between Airbus and Boeing Pages: 7 (1955 words) Published: December 1, 2012
What is Boeing selling in the 787 Dreamliner? Discuss this in terms of the core benefit, actual product, and augmented product levels of 787 Dreamliner.

The 787 Dreamliner core benefit is to provide an evolutionary step in air transportation by “looking at every aspect of the flying experience”. Boeing wanted to provide its corporate clients with an aircraft that falls into the midsized wide body market with ground breaking innovations that would translate into true benefits for its customers. Boeing 787 Dreamliner brings the speed range and capacity of the big jumbo jets to the mid-size market. It is designed to be the world’s lightest and most fuel efficient passenger jet, providing cost savings to their consumers.

By looking at the entire flying experience, Boeing developed new product innovations in the 787 Dreamliner. Such innovations bring 20% less fuel consumption than comparability sized planes, an interior that offers a flexible design aimed at providing multiple configurations for seating capacity, increased cargo capacity, enhanced safety and technology to cut departure delays and improvements to the passenger travel experience.

Boeing prides itself on offering augmented product levels through superior customer relationships both during and after the sale. Boeing invests heavily in managing customer relationships during the lengthy sales cycle, through its sales and service technicians, financial analysts, planners, engineers etc., all dedicated to finding ways to understand and satisfy airline customer needs. After the sale, the sales executives stay in almost constant contact with the customer to ensure that they stay satisfied. In this case of the delayed product delivery, Boeing augmented the product by announcing its commitment to working with its customers to minimize the impact of the delays as well as offering incentives and penalty payments to those customers.

There are three major types of buying situations in Business markets. Identify which one better describes the situations of the airline mentioned as buyers of the 787 Dreamliner and explain.

As a customer to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, I believe this situation is best described as a New Task, A business buying situation in which the buyer purchases a product or service for the first time.

Although the customer may have purchased products previously from Boeing, this product line, the 787 Dreamliner, is a brand new, revolutionary product in the market. As such, the customer, not having a previous experience with that particular product, its impact or how it would fit into their own product portfolio would have to perform a complete benefit/risk analysis. Such investigations are including but not limited to: product specifications, their own price limits, contract payment terms, order quantities, delivery times and service terms. Without an investigation on the new product, the buyer can only leverage historical experiences from Boeing on different product lines and the company’s business reputation. This is not enough to make a purchasing decision.

Discuss the customer buying process for a Boeing airplane. In what major ways does this process differ from the buying process a passenger might go through in choosing an airline?

Customers looking to invest in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner will undertake a Complex Buying Behavior for New Products. This behavior is identified for customers who are highly involved in the purchase and perceive significant differences amount brands. Consumers are highly involved with the product is expensive, risky, purchased infrequently or highly expressive. In the situation of buying the 787 Dreamliner, the purchasing cycle can take years of investigation and negotiations before the final contract is signed or the purchase is made. The length of the purchasing cycle and the behavior of the customer is identified by a number of stages, and these happen after the customer first...
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