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Boeing: Measuring Management and Leadership
Meredith Profit
May 7, 2012
LaStacy Whitman

Boeing: Measuring Management and Leadership
Boeing was founded in 1916 and has become a leading producer in military and commercial aircrafts. The organization consists of two businesses supported by nine corporate functions. The company leadership roster includes one who is the chairman, president and chief executive officer and a ten person executive council. Boeing operates using their own management model which is used to attain world class growth and productivity. “Boeing strives to achieve their leadership and management goals worldwide in all activities and at every level by encouraging team effort, recognizing strengths, and sharing ideas and knowledge. “ (Boeing, 2012) Boeing tackles every task with the foundation of their management model in mind and leadership development is at the top of the list. For Boeing and CEO Jim McNerney, leadership development is key to the consistent and continual growth and productivity of their company. “To achieve sustained growth, McNerney said, “We must take specific steps to strengthen the culture of leadership and accountability within Boeing.” (Meuser,) Boeing has a vision for the future and is prepared to invest in its people to see that the vision is carried forward successfully.

“Boeing Vision: People working together as a global enterprise for aerospace leadership. How will we get there? Run healthy core businesses, leverage our strengths into new products and services and open new frontiers.”(Boeing, 2012) Boeing’s vision is simple and specific but cannot be reached without management appointing effective, appropriate and sufficient leadership. “Management requires structuring the organization, staffing it with capable people, and monitoring services; leadership goes beyond the functions by inspiring people to attain the vision.”(Management, 476) Boeing realizes that in order to maintain and progress as an organization, they need to have great leadership; therefore Boeing has made leadership development the foundation for their continued success. Boeing is so serious about leadership that annually they invest $150 million in internal learning programs and $82 million in tuition reimbursement at preferred schools and areas of study associated with their business and created other opportunities such as daily interactions with leaders, formal and informal mentoring programs, and development programs at the Boeing Leadership Center. Daily interactions with leaders involve Boeing leaders helping to develop skills that accelerate the careers of their people. This program also includes Boeing vice presidents mentoring employees who have future leader qualities. The formal and informal mentoring program offers collaboration tools, training, rotational and development assignments that help people learn from one another. The Boeing Leadership Center is available to current and aspiring Boeing leaders. The center provides employees from around the world the chance to share practices, tackle business issues and to become a team that can speed up business changes to the needs of the business world. The Boeing Center also hosts vice presidents twice annually to teach at least two programs. Boeing developed six leadership attributes to establish expectations on conducting business, and strengthen the culture of leadership and accountability, they are: chart the course, set high expectations, inspire others, find a way, live the Boeing values, and deliver results. Boeing intends to provide a common language and common understanding on who they want to be. Another program offered is Leaders Teaching Leaders (LTL). This program is taught by Boeing executives and allows open and honest dialogue about the leadership attributes. Participants are allowed to engage in open conversations and ask questions allowing for a two-way street which...
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