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Marketing strategy refers to the process that enable an organization to increase sales and obtain a sustainable competitive advantage by utilize its limited resources(Walker, O., Mullins,J., Boyd, H.& larreche, J., 2006). Marketing strategy consist of short-term and long-term activities in marketing field that manage the analysis of the strategic initial situation of a company, and then formulate, evaluate and select market-oriented strategies therefore devote to the goals and marketing objectives of the company(Walker, O., Mullins,J., Boyd, H.& larreche, J., 2006). During the last 3 years, the competition within airplane manufacture industry become more and more intensive. The world biggest aircraft supplier in the industry is Boeing, which is the leading manufacturer of commercial airplanes and defense, space and security systems ranks No.1 sales in America (Heerkens, H., Bruijn, E. J. D. and Steenhuis, H.J., 2010). In such an environment, there are numerous competitors, highlight the strongest one : Airbus Company. After the economic crisis during 2008, the world economic recovered, and that caused per capital income pick up to certain level (Calum, M. ,2011). An increasing number of citizens afford to travel by airplane. The expanding demand add airline companies revenue and profit, which results Boeing Company continuously gaining orders during last 3 years(Boeing Company, 2012). Is Boeing company domain aircraft manufacture industry by proactive marketing activities? In order to answer this research question, this essay is going to analysis Boeing company's last 3 years main marketing activities and their marketing strategies. Critically evaluate the performance of this company.

Literature Review
The aviation industry has been transformed to be globally and effectively. Aircraft manufacturers, which has changing people’s life style by their advanced and unique products, playing an important role in aerospace industry and societal areas. There are increasing people need to take a long distance for business, study and travel as well as the substantial quantities of demand from different airline companies, in order to satisfy the needs of the market, aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing have changed to be globally and effectively (David and Elizabeth, 2011). The optimistic expansion approach to airline industry is accepted by Airbus; however, The Boeing Co. has taken a perspective which is interested with close future and reality. The Boeing Co. seems to be more dominant in the market because they are really good at adapting their designs to actual market needs and the environmental changes (Hayashi, A. & Neely, J., 2010). In economic environmental aspect, aircraft manufacturers have paid more attention to their suppliers, which producing different advanced components of aircrafts, ensuring the respondents of the marketing environmental changes are positive and effective. The design of a new product has been involved aircraft manufacturers’ suppliers (John and Grete, 2008). For instance, Boeing outsources different components to several countries such as Japan, Italy and Australia, and thus reducing the cost of producing components as order to maximise profits (David and Elizabeth, 2011). Moreover, from the technological environmental aspect, the advanced manufacturing technology being innovated and have been applied on the new model of aircrafts by Boeing (John and Grete, 2008; David and Elizabeth, 2011). For example, Boeing launched super jumbo the 787 Dreamliner, which increasing the competitive power in the global market, responding their main competitor Airbus that launched double-decker jet A380 (John and Grete, 2008). As a result, Boeing have developed the concepts of aircraft and also adopted in varied economic geographies (John and Grete, 2008). In addition, Boeing employed 3600 engineers directly in order to design the 787 Dreamliner (John and Grete, 2008). Therefore, Boeing...
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