Boeing Case Study

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Running Head: BOEING’S e-ENABLED ADVANTAGE 1 Boeing’s e-Enabled AdvantageAdam PierceOhio Dominican University| |
BOEING’S e-ENABLED ADVANTAGE 2Could e-Enabling create the kind of sustainable advantage that the airplanes used to provide?Boeing was able to utilize its competitive advantage to produce better airplanes at a better price compared to its closest competition. Boeing dominated the market industry and became a global leader by producing cutting edge products that were better quality than the closest competitor. It wasn’t until Airbus started receiving government assistance from European countries that another company was able to gain a large portion of the airline industry market (Applegate, Austin, & Soule, 2009). This is the same time that Boeing decided that it need to establish itself as the top leader and produce a unique product that would revolutionize the airline industry in a way that had not been done since the Wright Brothers. Boeing wanted to produce a product that was not a new larger aircraft but rather something that would be able to enhance the flying experience for everyone involved.In June 2003, at the Paris Air Show, Boeing unveiled its new strategy, which it called e-Enabled Advantage. e-Enabled Advantage is a concept of integrating all the data and information systems relating to maintenance, flight operations, and passenger needs to effectively bring the airplane into the airline’s network during flight (Applegate, Austin, & Soule, 2009). e-Enabled Advantage is not a tangible product but rather a way of doing things. The e-Enabled Advantage will help airlines cut costs, improve dispatch reliability, reduce delays and cancellations, improve passenger service, enhance aviation security, and provide real-time situational awareness for both flight crew and airline operations centers (Applegate, Austin, &...
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