Boeing 787

Topics: Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Airbus A350, Boeing 787 Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: January 23, 2011
As Boeing brings the 787 Dreamliner to market, the company made significant profit through the numerous numbers of orders made by their customers that stated in this case. One of the reasons that lead Boeing make above average profit is fuel-efficiency of 787 Deamliner. Boeing 787’s evolutionary design gives a big impact on their customers compare with other commercial plane’s design. It allows their passengers save more times and cheaper by take direct fights instead of transfer fights in the middle of somewhere which also reaches the higher levels of in-flight comfort. However, 787 built up upon the largest supply chain by gather around 100 foreign partners which is another reason lead the success of Boeing 787.

During the process of building 787, Boeing changed their traditional way to build a commercial airplane, instead, they decided to inviting 100 global suppliers to collaborate on the design, engineering, and manufacturing. According to the case, the commercial airplane normally have 30% of parts built by Boeing and 70% built by suppliers, unlikely, 787 Dreamliner have more than 70% of the parts were built internationally with foreign partners. Boeing believed “suppliers were likely to have a greater financial incentive to minimize their cost and, at the same time, assist Boeing market the new plane” (2005). And I think this is the way to gather round the talent people together to create a talent supply chain.

In trying to compete with Airbus, Boeing may be creating a much more dangerous competitor by use these large globe suppliers, one that likely will come from Japan, China, or some other countries. These countries most likely to have their own airplane market in the future and own team to build their own commercial airplane companies. As we know, China have builds advanced military fighter planes and is aggressively investing in its space programs, which continue to be a source of important innovations for commercial airplanes. By continue to...
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