Topics: Bodybuilding, Muscle, Professional bodybuilding Pages: 5 (1820 words) Published: May 3, 2011
Understanding Bodybuilding

Shane Vossough

If Greek mythology existed, bodybuilding would be the sport made for the gods. It is a sport that demands more than most can give. Bodybuilding is not for the faint of heart, nor the weak minded. To be successful is this grueling sport you must have the mentality of success imprinted on your thoughts everyday. Once you have achieved this mentality you no longer spend idle time pondering empty thoughts, but instead you learn to use your mind consciously, every day, as if being in a constant state of meditation, with your thoughts fixed on the end result. Having that end result be the ability to unveil something that is more then beautiful. Before I sold my soul to my education, I was an active bodybuilder who loved everything about the sport. I was introduced to this sport when I was 12, although I remember it like it was yesterday. I went with my mom to the grocery store to try and convince her that buying Reeses would somehow be a great idea. As we were walking I decided to look for the biggest bag I could find. I cut through the section with all the magazines to get to the candy isle as quick as possible. It was in that isle, on a muscle mag magazine that I first saw a picture of a man named Dorian Yates. A man that stood 6’1, 270lbs, with what looked like only muscle. I remember staring at the front cover for what felt like a lifetime, I knew from that second, that’s what I want to look like. I no longer wanted to be a pro football player, or a pro basketball player; I wanted to be a professional bodybuilder. I forgot completely about the candy, found my mom and asked if I could push the cart from then on. Of course, at that time I was too young to venture into anything that resembled a bodybuilding lifestyle, yet I still used my little weights every night. It wasn’t until I was 18 that my bodybuilding mentality took over my mind. Going into my first year of high school I met this girl who slowly became my upmost passion. We started dating before I could even drive, until my first semester in college, she was my world. I loved everything about this girl and was certain she was that one I would spend the rest of my life with. However, mid way through my first semester in college she decided it was best to go our separate ways. Completely devastated, and young, I came up with the idea I wasn’t enough, that if I had could become something more then great she would have never left. I then turned to bodybuilding, first in the mentality of hate, channeling my emotions through the pain of lifting. But as time went by my idea of doing this for her transformed to having bodybuilding became infused into who I was. Everything I read, everything I thought about was bodybuilding. I went from spending money on going out and clothes, to supplements and protein. No matter what life through at me, no matter how upset I became, I could always set foot in a gym and forget the worries of the world. Walking into a gym was like stepping on a battle field, I knew I would have to fight my way through heavy sets of iron resistance to come out on the other side victorious. With weight stacked against me I would sit down on the closest bench, eyes closed and music blaring, concentrating on the task I had before me. I would think to myself: pain is temporary, but glory is forever. That no matter what, I was going to get this weight up even if it destroyed me in the process. By the time I opened my eyes I had become so focused on that I had to do that I could only see the weight I needed to overcome. It was as if I summoned all the strength I had in me to be ready to take on the world. I then would perform the exercise. As I brought the weight down to my chest I knew I was in for a fight. And then it began, as I pressed the weight off my chest with all my strength I had I told myself ignore the pain, become great. Seeing a bodybuilding yell as he is trying to finish a...
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