Body Shop International

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The Body Shop International

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“Business people have got to be the instigator of change. They have the money and power to make a difference.
A company that makes a profit from the society has a
responsibility to return something to that society.
Dame Anita Roddick
Founder & Managing Director of “The Body SHOP”

 The Body Shop International is the natural and ethical beauty brand, with over 2,600 stores in over 61 markets worldwide.
 It is the first international cosmetics brand to be recognized under the Humane Cosmetics Standard for our Against Animal Testing policy.  The first Body Shop store was open on 26th March 1976 in Brighton, UK  1978 a kiosk in Brussels, Belgium became the first overseas franchise outside UK

 1982 new shops open at the rate of two per month.
 1985 -The Body Shop went public on the UK unlisted securities market  Became officially involved with Greenpeace in 1986
 In March 2006, the company agreed to a £652.3 million takeover by L’Oreal corporate group.
 On 10th September 2007, Anita Roddick, passed away at the age 64.  In2008 Sophie Gasperment joins The Body Shop, as new Chief Executive

Cosmetic market before body shop
Before Body Shop:
 The cosmetics industry was worth £30 billion per annum. At the time of the foundation
 The cosmetics industry was saturated with both multinational and also exclusive providers
 The company came into existence during a consumer recession, that time customers were reducing their expenditure on cosmetics.
 Use of Natural products were not well established
 Traditional forms of selling and marketing were in place  Most products well animal-tested before implementation.

Cosmetic Market After Body Shop
 Major expansion of a single store with twice the fold and large number of Franchise agreements.
 A large market entered the line of beauty and cosmetics. Several brands endorsed the use of natural ingredients in their product.
 Stiff competition and penetration of body shop as a brand around the world.  Large number of employees
 Competitors like Revlon and Estee Lauder entered the market with similar products and promotion
 Similarity of many such beauty shops and products stiffly grabbed the market

Value Chain
 Research and Development:
Product that make a difference to the customer
as well as to the world with a challenge to find
the right formulation and ingredient to do that.

 Sourcing and Production:
Sourcing and producing products responsibly
with a challenge of being eco-conscious

 Distribution and Packaging:
Distributing and packaging our products with
challenge of minimizing carbon footprints

 Store, Staff and Franchises:
Façade & vibrant brand image with a challenge
of equal passion express similar character.

 Engaging our Customer:
Marketing the product with an ambition to look
good, feel good & do good

Initial Strategy of Body Shop
 The initial strategy of Body Shop was to avoid the traditional distribution channels.  Focus on the key ingredients of the product on the label while being more informative with less claims and images.

 Extensive marketing and advertising was avoided.

 Use of all-natural ingredients
 Have a philosophical code of behavior while maintaining high ethics and norms

Corporate Social Responsibility
 Anita Roddick believed that Body Shop would be in line with development solely whilst protecting the environment.
 The first CSR joined by The Body Shop was SAVE THE WHALE – this indicated to avoid using any oils extracted from this sea-animal and should be compensated by using the plant extract oil called Jojoba oil.

 Association with Greenpeace in the UK.
 Environment projects department at the Body Shop
 They had their own research...
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